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WJM-049 Marble Pattern Water Jet Medallion

WJM-049 Marble Pattern Water Jet Medallion

Material: Marble
Available sizes as below.
Customized designs are also welcome.
Product Information
We have different colors and designs of Marble Pattern Medallion.
Here is some regular size for your kindly reference,
1.Square: 18''x18'',24''x24'',30''x30'',32''x32'',36''x36'', 48''x48'',60''x60'' etc.
2.Rectangle: 24''x36'',36''x54'',36''x60'',48''x72'' etc.
3.Round (diameter): 30'', 36'', 48'', 60'' etc.
4.Oval: 24''x36'', 36''x54'', 36''x60'', 48''x72'' etc.
Customized sizes and designs are welcome.