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J116 Yellow Onyx

J116 Yellow Onyx

Product Information
1. J116 Yellow Onyx is a Onyx stone,, could use it to make: slab, tile, step, stairs, treads&riser, countertop, kitchen top, vanity top, medallion, mosaic, skirting, border, threshold, plinth, baluster, railing, balustrade, pillar, column, widowsill, door frame, fireplace, sculpture, stone sink, bathtub, fountain, landscape stone.
2. This material is widely applied for hotel, viall, residential houses, mansion, apartment, restaurant, shopping mall ect. 
3. It is perfect for interior floor paving, interior wall panel and wall cladding, back ground wall vaneer, aisle, hallway, corridor, porch, stair and step, kitchen, bathroom, baluster, railing, balustrade and so on. 
4. Popular Finish:  polished, groovedand so on.
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