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G684 Granite Cube Paving Stone 1

G684 Granite Cube Paving Stone 1

Item Code: CS002
Material: G684 black granite
Finish: All sides natural
Size: 10X10X10cm
Customized designs and different materials are available
Product Information
Natural granite cube stone is perfect for both traditional and contemporary designs.
It is an ideal product for squares, driveway, walkway, pathway, patio, garden, backyard, park, plaza, landscaping, ect.
We supply the cube stone at different types, finishes, appearances, thickness and textures.
The finishes could be flamed,natural face, bush-hammered, tumbled, polished, honed, rough picked, chiselled with natural cleft edges or sawn cut edges, etc.
The size could be 5x5x5cm, 7x7x7cm, 8x8x8cm, 9x9x9cm, 10x10x2cm, 10x10x3cm, 10x10x5cm, 10x10x10cm,15x10x10cm, 10x20x3cm, 10x20x5cm, etc.
The color could be light grey, dark grey, black, yellow, beige, red, pink, etc.
Customized designs are also welcome.
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